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Fashion Stork Club is a Men's Styling Subscription Service catered toward the Modern Professional Man.  The service donates $1 to orphans for every box sold. 

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Brand Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Front End: Branding, Art Direction, GFX, Photography, Fashion Styling, Market Research, Content Developer

  • Inventory: Brand Liaison, Buyer, Strategy, Logistics

Client Demographic: 

18-55 / Men / Modern  / Professional / Family 

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Change your look. Change a life.

Fashion Stork Club fully embodies the idea of being a gentleman. A man that not only looks great, but also stands as a paragon of virtue. FSC has made it their mission for members to become a "true gentleman" by adding a charity cause in its service by helping orphans get adopted. For every box sold, FSC promises $1 to be donated to help sponsor a family wanting to adopt. 

The Stork House

The Stork House is an orphanage built in partnership with a non-profit organization "In His Hands" devoted in housing and educating orphaned children in Haiti.  It was an initiative that was developed to help children who were not fortunate enough to be adopted by a family and remains in the system. The growing FSC membership sustained the children's basic needs and living necessities such as access to clean drinking water, food, and school transportation. 

Photos provided by:

Art Direction

Art Direction

Most of the content are original and are made in-house. The Art Direction must cater to the lifestyle of the "modern man" and  palatable to the general public.       

It is clean, stylish, inspirational and educational. Photos are styled true to our current inventory, meticulously arranged and shot professionally. Advertisements must be true to what customers receive and must be changed out as the season or promotion ends. 

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