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Toran Gaal

Toran Gaal is a Marine veteran severely injured in 2011 while
serving in Afghanistan. He lost his legs and suffered a serious brain injury but instead of giving in to his disability,

he turned it into an opportunity to raise awareness and monies for other wounded veterans.


This Ability 

Giving thanks to people who inspire us.

Fashion Stork Club wanted to extend their "Do Good" Model and show their gratitude to three courageous young men who have overcame adversity. They were invited to the FSC HQ to have a personal styling day, to take home a few a few outfits and bring awareness to others who may be feeling defeated by a disability or circumstance. These photos and stories were featured in their website to inspire others during the Thanksgiving season.

Tim Reimann

Tim Reimann has Down Syndrome but this has never stopped him from smiling and helping others. He lives within

a community of his peers where he finds support but also independence.