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Client Demographic: 

16-65 / Men / Gay


Branding, Art Direction, GFX, Socials, Photography, Styling, Content Developer,  UI Designer


The website exudes a lively and whimsical aesthetic, as evidenced by the incorporation of prints inspired by food and candy. This is reflected consistently in the art direction and branding. The brand takes pride in offering sizes that extend up to 4XL, a rarity within the swimwear industry. Moreover, there is a concerted effort to feature men with a more typical physique, thereby promoting inclusivity as a key tenet of the brand.

The brand currently features two distinct product lines: TwunkTrunks, tailored for smaller, leaner body types within the S to XL size range, and BearButts, designed to cater to individuals with larger buttocks and leg sizes, spanning from XXL to 4XL.

Art Direction
Bear Butts Summer Logo_circle.png


BearButts targets the same outgoing man but places a greater emphasis on size inclusivity, with a specific focus on individuals with larger body types. The brand's messaging centers around promoting body positivity.

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Twunk Trunks Summer Logo_circle.png

TwunkTrunks caters to the fun-loving and extroverted man, with branding that centers around the concept of embracing one's uniqueness and celebrating it as a source of sex appeal.

Website UI/UX

Website UI

User Interface was built through Shopify to call out promotions and highlight products based sale performances. Product pages and payment options were made to be available on mobile devices for a seamless and easy checkout.


The brand's campaigns typically feature outdoor settings, with vibrant colors that are saturated to mirror the hues of the underwear and prints offered by the brand.