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The website's aesthetic is rooted in the world of theater, with numerous aspects of its design drawing inspiration from stage performances and the concept of "stealing the spotlight." For Show Choir competitions, the appropriate attire can significantly impact score ratings and, more crucially, the effective communication of a performance's narrative within a limited 20-minute timeframe. pledges to revolutionize the outdated approach to purchasing costumes, while concurrently streamlining the process for overburdened educators. The platform's homepage presents visitors with a selection between two options: choosing from the readily available "Ready-to-Ship Packs" or customizing costumes to suit their unique preferences.

Art Direction




Website UI/UX

Ready-to-Ship items or "PrePak," are dress packs comprising 13 individual pieces that can be shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Customers also have the option of customizing their Base styles by incorporating supplementary embellishments such as rhinestones, appliques, binding, and so on as add-ons. 

Given that all items are produced domestically in the United States, this alternative presents the quickest and most cost-effective manner of procuring dresses. This option is particularly appealing for new Show Choir groups seeking high-quality, award-winning costumes at competitive prices.

Obtaining custom outfits for Show Choir groups can prove to be an arduous and convoluted process for both educators and designers alike. streamlines this procedure by producing a digital catalog that customers can reference while placing orders over the phone. Additionally, a dedicated Stylist is available to guide every purchase, thereby facilitating a seamless ordering experience.

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In Stock items are filtered by price points, base styles, color and fabric. 

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Website UI

User Interface was built through Shopify to call out promotions and highlight products based sale performances. Product pages and payment options were made to be available on mobile devices for a seamless and easy checkout.

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Product Presentation 

The products are showcased using a "floating mannequin," accompanied by an In-Stock tag positioned above the product and a Made in USA seal situated at the bottom of the product image.