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My Shield USA started in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak across the world.  Their goal was to supply protective, comfortable, and effective masks to the public to help meet the global demand.

Client Demographic: 

16-65 / Men / Women / Health Conscious


Branding, Art Direction, GFX, Photography, Styling, Content Developer,  UI Designer was launched during the nationwide shutdowns to provide affordable face masks and employment opportunities while circumventing factory closures. The challenge was to remain impartial and provide up-to-date information on CDC masking guidelines amidst prevalent disinformation campaigns.


In an effort to establish an inviting and trustworthy atmosphere for consumers to feel secure, engaging campaigns featuring "fun" and "whimsical" designs were created during major promotional events.

Collaborated with the factory to meet consumer demand and procure fresh inventory for merchandising purposes.

A streamlined approach was developed to facilitate the shipping process while simultaneously curbing shipping costs by establishing curbside pick-up options available for online customers.

Website UI/UX

Website UI

User Interface was built through Shopify to call out promotions and highlight products based sale performances. Product pages and payment options were made to be available on mobile devices for a seamless and easy checkout. An Instagram gallery was also introduced with plans of encouraging user generated content.

My Shield USA introduced fundraiser packs to assist schools and organizations in raising funds to continue their operations during the pandemic. This initiative enabled after-school clubs to customize their mask packs and sell them through the My Shield USA website. To ensure transparency, a fundraising goal bar was implemented, which updates daily to reflect the amount raised for every pack sold


When shutdowns started to lift, My Shield USA established an online portal for the sale of masks in bulk to major corporations, along with goal-oriented student fundraisers available to any clubs or organizations seeking to raise funds.


Sales and Promos 

In keeping with the joviality of the website, My Shield USA Promos are frequently designed to be both entertaining and interactive. Whether it be through engaging scavenger hunts or thrilling roulette spins, customers are guaranteed an enjoyable shopping experience during major sales events.

Card Inserts serve as a crucial element of My Shield USA's overall brand presentation and customer experience. This feature provides an avenue for the brand to communicate with customers as they unbox their masks, offering washing instructions and promoting additional products or promotions to incentivize return visits.