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Craig for LA Mayor was a political campaign created for Craig Greiwe in his bid to run for Mayor in the city of Los Angeles in 2022

Client Demographic: 

16-65 / Men / Women / Registered LA Voters


Branding, Art Direction 

Craig Greiwe aimed to create a sense of familiarity for voters amidst a time of political turmoil. The design of the campaign drew inspiration from the iconic LA Dodgers, in an effort to resonate with potential voters.


A significant portion of the campaign's creative assets consisted of email communications, primarily aimed at soliciting donations to support Craig Greiwe's bid for the mayoral race.

Art Direction

In addition to email communications, flyers and banners were created for use at both in-person and digital town hall events. These materials were utilized to effectively convey Craig Greiwe's plans for implementing positive changes within the city of LA, should he be elected as the mayor.

town hall invite PDF-01.jpg

Flat Lay


The campaign also featured a strong social media component, with targeted ads aimed at reaching potential voters and encouraging their engagement with the campaign. Furthermore, the campaign utilized social media to call for rallies and other events aimed at building momentum and support for Craig Greiwe's mayoral bid.

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