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Worldwide Transcription Service / WWTS is a website that offers to outsource doctors/lawyers transcription services, specializing in creating reports for Worker's Comp Injury cases.

User Demographic: 

Age: Over 45 / Medical Industry Professionals / Injury Attorneys /  Workers Comp / Doctors that resists technology


Branding, Art Direction, GFX, UX / UI Designer

Website UI

Website Interface is made to be easy and simple made for older people that do not like to use modern technology.  Font and color choices are made for a clean and modern look. 



Icons are inspired by familiar symbols known to represent services given by the website

Client Data.JPG

Website UX

User Experience relvolves around the process of editing reports and communicating to transcribers regarding sensitive patient information such as doctors notes and evaluations.  Each doctor/attorney ordering a transcription are given a unique login that allows them to communicate privately and upload documents to transcribers.

Client Login UI.JPG

Audio Recording 

Logging in would also allow them to record audio notes within the website. Creating an audio file that automatically exports ready for download when the recording is finished. 


HIPAA Compliance

Due to the handling of sensitive information, WWTS strives to be HIPAA Compliant and promises for the patients information to be secured. On top of secured login authentications, reports and archived documents are purged completely after 30 days of creation. 

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