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Animated by Andrew Guiyangco


Tokyopop is a publishing and media company that licenses Japanese comic book and anime in the US and other countries worldwide. 

Client Demographic: 

18-35 / Nerds / Cosplayers / Otaku


Production Assistant, Animator, Art Direction, GFX 

Logo Animation Re-Brand

Tokyopop launched a new modern logo in 2010. The Animation is inspired by it iconic Robot Emblem and Tokyopop's global influence fame. 

Hetalia Book Cover.jpg

Hetalia Axis Powers 

Manga Release Trailer 

An Animated trailer for the highly anticipated US release of the wildly popular Japanese Manga/Anime series, "Hetalia Axis Powers".

Animated by Andrew Guiyangco


America's Greatest Otaku 

America's Greatest Otaku was a reality competition show that aired on Hulu. It revolved around 6 Otakus and the Tokyopop CEO on board a Tokyopop Bus touring all the major US cities in hopes to find "America's Greatest Otaku"

Animated by Andrew Guiyangco

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