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Scaled Power is an energy company working on developing innovative power sources with a fraction of the cost, size and weight. 

Their sponsorship include NASA and US Air Force.

User Demographic: 

Aviation and Aerospace Industry Professionals / Military /  Energy / Alternative Power sources


Branding, Art Direction, GFX, Photographer, Content Developer,  UI Designer

Website UI

Website Interface is made to entice interest and deliver advanced physics and engineering concepts, to prospective investors and industry professionals.


Font and color choices are made for a clean and modern look. Simple animated elements were designed to create a visual innovative experience.   


Promo Video 

This promo video summarizes Scaled Power's technology and current innovations. It provides possible product applications and energy solutions to current problems.

Scaled POwer Screenshot 5.JPG
Scaled POwer Screenshot 6.JPG

Comparison Chart 

The technology page is created for a visual comparison of Scaled Power's technology to other current standard energy sources. 

Product Photography

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