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H3NDRIX is a men's accessory brand focused on providing fun and modern accessories for the cool dapper guy.

Website UX

Website Interface is clean and simple focused primarily on the accessories. 

H3ndrix Logo 3 Black.png

Client Demographic: 

Men: 18-35 / Modern / Wall street / Dapper


Branding, Art Direction, GFX, UI Designer

Logo and Branding 

Logo is modern, geometric and easy to read. The design illustrates the "element of style" by using the inspiration of the periodic table of elements with an emblem taken from how chemical structures are drawn.  

H3ndrix Logo 3 Black.png
H3ndrix Logo 2 Black.png
H3ndrix Logo 1 Black.png

Product Photography

Product Photography is clean and simple as well, folded carefully with an emphasis on the interesting details for each unique accessory (ie, reversible bowtie, unique tie tip, and novelty patterns)

Editorial Gallery

H3NDRIX caters to the regular guy,  that likes simple classic styles with a modern twist. The campaign is shot in a modern settings with a focus on the clients assumed lifestyle (ie, Happy Hour, Going to Work, On a Date, etc)


Packaging is on white folded cardboard designed with a cutout that shows the pattern and fabric on the silhouette of their category. 

Socks Packaging with Actual Sock.jpg
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